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7 Steps

6 - testing

Step 1 - Structure Step 3 - Requirements Step 5 - Development Step 7 - Deployment
Step 2 - Layout Step 4 - Design Step 6 - Testing Quotes

Testing is an important process that will help to make sure the final product is what you want. DiJ8 Limited will do most testing. However, it is recommended that some testing be conducted by whoever it is that is requesting the website. While the development stage will try to make sure all functions and features work the testing stage will hopefully find all bugs that may have been missed and any unexpected nuances of a users computer that DiJ8 Limited does not have the facilities to emulate.

By testing your own website it is possible to see exactly how things happen on the site. Often, self testing will show that what has been developed is not exactly what you expected. Changes are regularly made during testing to accommodate the actual from the perceived.

Some issues that are found during the testing stage may be considered minor enough on a small amount of Internet browsers that they need not be fixed. Especially if any minor issue requires major development work. Any of these sorts of issues found by DiJ8 Limited will be discussed with the client and appropriate steps taken.

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