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7 Steps

1 - website structure

Step 1 - Structure Step 3 - Requirements Step 5 - Development Step 7 - Deployment
Step 2 - Layout Step 4 - Design Step 6 - Testing Quotes

A website structure is a rough guideline of what the website will contain including sections and number of pages. This is layed out in a flowchart like style so that how pages are linked togteher is easily seen at a glance.

The website structure should give a clear indication of the number of pages involved. The structure flowchart can easily be considered (and even converted to) a websites sitemap.

Being the beginning of the process in creating your website, changes to this structure may evolve. This chart should be as close to the final desired structure as possible though so that all the requirements can be recognised as soon as possible. Not every individual page may be included, the only pages that should be missing are ones that are near duplications of similar pages with only content differences. Missing pages in the structure chart is typical of database driven websites where the content is dynamically created according to the information the user is requesting.

Website structure chart sample

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