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7 Steps

a website from concept to reality

Step 1 - Structure Step 3 - Requirements Step 5 - Development Step 7 - Deployment
Step 2 - Layout Step 4 - Design Step 6 - Testing Quotes

From concept to realisation a website requires a number of steps or processes. Broken down into the basics, DiJ8 Ltd considers there to be seven steps. Each step/process is just as important as the rest.

Once the decision has been made that a website is needed the 7 step process can begin. Starting with a rough guide of what you want. A basic layout of pages without design can then help to move onto the design and development requirements. When you have an idea of what you want and how it will fit in with who you want to see your website the detailed design can start. From the pretty pictures of design to a working version then gives the chance to see the website as it will be. After making sure it does all it is supposed to the final step is then transferring it as a live and completed website, whether this is live on the Internet or within your own company as an Intranet.

DiJ8 Ltd can help your business with any or all of the steps required to create a website. If you have internal staff or even outsourced people working on some of these steps already, DiJ8 Ltd can work with them to make sure the whole process of building your website is completed to your satisfaction. Don't let shortcuts ruin what could be your greatest asset.

Follow the 7 steps in order to see detailed explanations of how a website is created from start to finish.


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