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7 Steps

2 - page layout

Step 1 - Structure Step 3 - Requirements Step 5 - Development Step 7 - Deployment
Step 2 - Layout Step 4 - Design Step 6 - Testing Quotes

Your website is almost taking shape by this stage. Here a rough guideline of the layout for each page is drawn. Almost like a stick drawing of a web page. No colour, artwork or design is included.

Where page layout is expected to be similar only one layout will be created for all similar pages. Websites should have a similar look and feel throughout so often the initial layout concept will be a single sample.

Even when the content may be drastically different, and even the topics covered, throughout a website the layout should be similar so as not to confuse your vistors. With this similar layout throughout your site, your users will always know exactly how to move from one page to another. Supermarkets, gas stations and McDonalds are perfect examples of how a similar layout makes visiting and getting what you want easy.

Page layout sample

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