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7 Steps

5 - development

Step 1 - Structure Step 3 - Requirements Step 5 - Development Step 7 - Deployment
Step 2 - Layout Step 4 - Design Step 6 - Testing Quotes

Where the design of a website is to show how it looks, the development step makes it happen. Using code to tell the Internet browser how to display exactly what is wanted.

DiJ8 Ltd will develop your website in such a manner as to be as fast loading as possible and still user friendly for updating at a later stage. Common scripts and styles used throughout the website will be written in separate documents so that a users cache can have these files ready without having to download the same code over and over again.

The development of a website can range from somewhat simple to incredibly complicated. The level of complication is usually determined by levels of user interaction, database driven pages and how much and how frequently the pages change.

User interaction in a website can take on many forms. Images that change (common in navigation of a website) through to extensive bells and whistles style interaction are usually dependant on the users Internet browser capabilities. Dynamic content changed by a users choices and selections is usually dertermined by the use of a database. Forms within a website can determine what is displayed and can also collect information to be shared between the user and the website owner any time after the web page has been viewed. Ideal for ordering products, sending personal details and adding information or comments to bulletin boards.

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