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professional service by professionals

DiJ8 Ltd offers website design and development services that consider the requirements of keeping your customers coming back to your website again and again. Easy to follow, fast loading, and professional looking are the keys that DiJ8 Ltd always uses to unlock the massive customer base that can be found surfing the Net, looking for you.

With the Internet growing at an astronomical rate it is important that prospective customers will find you. More and more often people are going to the Internet to find someone who can offer the products and services they require. Don't let your competition take this entire source without even the slightest chance you can have any of it. With a professional website created by DiJ8 Ltd, take your share and more of the vast market that is the Internet.

Just having a website is not enough though. Your website needs to look good and let your customers know exactly what you offer. In web-speak this is known as "look and feel". When you look at a website, is it confusing? Is it clear and precise? Is it boring? Is it exciting? Does it get your attention? Can you find the information you want easily? This is "look and feel".

If you have your own logo and corporate colours, DiJ8 Ltd will use these to build a website that matches your already recognised brand. If you need a fresh look or don't yet have your set colours and logo DiJ8 Ltd can create your own brand to enhance recognition of who you are.

Follow the navigation at the top of this page to see how DiJ8 Ltd can help you and your business. The 7 Steps in creating a website is a process DiJ8 Ltd always uses to make sure all requirements are considered. Services offered by DiJ8 Ltd include web site design and development, branding (company logos, colours, business cards, letterheads, et c.), creating databases for database driven web sites and e-commerce websites for ordering and purchasing online.

As a personal and convenient service to clients dij8.com has a protected area for viewing necessary documents and images. By logging on only you can see the files associated with the job DiJ8 Ltd is doing for you in Client Connection.

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