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Web School

javascript tricks & toys

Guidelines HTML CSS Scripting
DHTML Cross Browser Fun Scripts  

There are few limitations on what can be done using Dynamic HTML (a collection of HTML, scripting and CSS).

Here you will find just some of the things done by DiJ8. While they are all created by DiJ8, many are collections of code learned by reading others examples and adjusting the code accordingly. For an extensive list of samples and what can be done have a look at dynamicdrive.com.

Come back regularly to see if any new scripts have been added.

All samples here will open in a new window.

Kissing Mouse Trail

The Kissing Mouse Trail effect was first created for use on Valentines day. As the users mouse moves around the page a trail of lips and hearts are left behind. Giving the effect that the screen has been kissed.

This is an advanced level script

View an example, the code and other details.


The Shaker script does exactly that. It shakes. Seen elsewhere on the Internet it is often referred to as the eartquake script.

This is an easy level script

View an example, the code and other details.

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