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Web School

the basics of web development

Guidelines HTML CSS Scripting
DHTML Cross Browser Fun Scripts  

This section is dedicated to web development. Some of this section is about explaining and some of it is just free paint-by-numbers gifts. The intention is that all of it will be about educating. On the most part this section is web development according to DiJ8. Therefore, some of it may not be the same as told by others. Much of web development is subjective and there are many ways to achieve the same thing. Always keep that in mind when learning.

The various web development guidelines are a simplfied brief on best practices and guidelines on how to develop web sites. Except where quoted otherwise these guidelines are guidelines according to DiJ8.

On the most part the lessons included here are about languages used in web development. The languages covered here are HTML, CSS, client-side scripting (JavaScript, VBScript) and DHTML.

Some ideas on how to deal with browser differences are explained in the cross-browser scripting section.

Just for fun there are some scipts written by DiJ8 that serve no real purpose other than to show what can be done. If you like them, use them. Check them out in the fun scripts section.

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