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Longacre Active Desktop

An identical desktop across all computers within Longacre and making sure they could read emails, see up to date news, access company documents and browse the Intranet, all without interfering with each task required an active desktop with all the bells and whistles.
The starting point for the desktop was to have immediate access to all important links on the left. In the middle of the screen would be the daily news, updated on the server so everyone was always up to date on what was happening. Longacre Active Desktop home page
Longacre Data Services tab Streamed information of data services pertinent to Longacre was readily availble by clicking the right link. Much like a PowerPoint feature, the Data Services tab would slide in from the right, stopping just short of the selected content in the middle.

While links necessary for everyone were a part of the package, the ability to add personal links was important. A description making sense to the user could be created. Internal (Intranet) links would open within the central area and external links would open a new browser window.

Adding links was through another sliding tab that came out from under the left navigation over the middle content area.

Longacre links tab
Longacre Outlook email Keeping up to date using Microsoft Outlook was integrated into the Active Desktop so that unneccessary windows would not clutter the desktop real estate.
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