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insight by others in a novel format

Jerry's Attitude Wear Sunscreen

Story scrollEvery now and then you read a story that makes a difference. The story about Jerry is one of those to me. Is it true? I have no idea. Does it matter? Not to me. It changed my life. Maybe I live in a world of ignorant bliss now. Whatever the case, I am happy. Even when things aren't going so well I know that good things are always there. Sometimes you just can't see them as clearly as others.

This next story has been passed on over and over again. It has even been made into a song. It has been accredited to the wrong person, doing the wrong thing, at the wrong time. Even being the wrong gender. All of this is of no real consequence. Chicago Tribune's columnist Mary Schmich wrote the words "Wear Sunscreen" in her column on June 1, 1997. Sometimes a story can be just good advice. This one is all that and more. The author gives a lot of advice. All of which you can ignore, if you wish. Except the sunscreen bit.

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