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enjoy the challenge

Game machineTo whittle away your time while you are waiting for something more exciting to happen, enjoy the games here.

Slider is just like those little plastic things where you need to get the squares in the right order so that a complete picture is made.

To slide the pieces just click on the image you want to move. As long as the image is adjacent to a blank square it will move there. Leaving the square you clicked on blank. The pieces can only move horizontally or vertically. A piece can not move diagnally.

Memory is about remembering where pictures you have already chosen are, making them disappear as you find the pairs.

Click a picture to turn it over. Click another to see if it matches. If they do they will stay turned over. If they don't they will both turn back and you need to try another pair.

Tic-tac-toe is the good old fashioned 0's & X's.

Play against someone sitting next to you, play against a stupid computer, or play against a smarter computer.

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