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the goal is life, the route is fun

Even the most mundane of things can somehow be laced with fun. The trick sometimes is to find the silver lining in even the darkest of clouds. It is always there.

Some parts of this section are purely to entertain, some are to educate. Never will you find one thing that entertains everyone. So too with education. Hopefully though, with the eclectic mix here, everyone will find at least one thing to entertain or educate them.

Within this area of dij8.com you will find a strange variation of topics not normally grouped together. Each one is briefly described below.

Games - Simple online games to play. They even keep records of high scores.
Jokes - Submitted and rated by visitors.
Stories - Originally told by others, they may or may not enlighten you.
Clippings - Scanned from newspapers, there are some very odd people out there.
Proverbs - Your daily chapter from The Book of Proverbs.
Web School - A simplfied brief on best practices and guidelines on how to develop web sites.
Links - Recommended sites.

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