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creative development

DIJ8 (dij´ at) n.
Just like the digits (fingers and thumbs) you have coming off your hands, except only eight of them.

DiJ8 Ltd is a New Zealand owned and operated company based in Auckland, New Zealand. DiJ8 Ltd has professional experience involved with websites, both in New Zealand and internationally, since 1995.

The Development section of dij8.com offers professional website design and development services for everybody. Whether you are an individual wanting a professional looking personal website, a small company wanting to make your first step into the Internet or a large corporation wanting to enhance your existing website or Intranet, DiJ8 Ltd is happy to discuss your requirements.

Professionalism is paramount, however, that does not mean no fun. The Entertainment section of dij8.com is all about fun. Simple online games, stories, and jokes are there for experiencing the lighter side of life. Can you beat your high score in the games? Can you make it as the best of the best? You can even add your own jokes and see how funny others think they are as they get rated.

Although more educational then entertaining, the Development Guidelines section is handy for those that need a few pointers.

If you have any questions regarding DiJ8 Ltd, go to the Contact section.

If you have any comments about or opinions of DiJ8 Ltd or dij8.com, enter them in the Guestbook.

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